Dive Sites in Bali

Bali Dive Sites offer huge diversity of pristine coral reefs with pelagic to black sand muck dives for those who are passionate about small critters. No matter what your diving level is, you can explore and enjoy the underwater in Bali.

Crystal Bay Mola Mola bali Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Dive Sites

Nusa Penida offers some of Bali’s finest diving. Penida is one of the small islands that lie southeast of Bali, just a short boat ride across the Badung Strait. The main attractions for divers in this area are common encounters with majestic manta rays and in season the curious and very rare oceanic sunfish, Mola, that come to the reef to visit their cleaning stations.

USAT Liberty Wreck bali

Tulamben Dive Sites

Tulamben is one of Bali’s most famous diving areas, hosting many dive sites such as the US Liberty Wreck, Coral Garden and The Drop Off. All sites can be reached with easy access from the beach. Here you will find a little bit of something for everyone, whether you enjoy the smallest nudis and pygmy seahorses or you just want to hang out and enjoy the schooling fish and reefs, Tulamben has it all.

menjangan island diving - sea turtle

Padang Bai Dive Sites

There is a great variety of sites for all experience levels, from stunning reef drifts to critter hunting under the jetty. Chances to spot reef sharks, various stingrays and large schools of fish!  For the macro lovers, you can find leaf scorpion fish, ghost pipefish, sea-horses, many rare nudibranchs and the elusive frogfish. For underwater photographers there are ample opportunities for both wide and macro, you can choose.

Bali pristine coral

Amed Dive Sites

Amed’s black volcanic sandy beaches offer  wonderful coral gardens full of staghorn corals, schools of fish, turtles and bumphead parrotfish. The black sand provides an amazing contrast to the vibrant soft corals and reef fish. The slopes are home to some unusual marine life such as devil scorpionfish, frogfish and ghost pipefish of all colours.

Bali Reef Mike Veitch

Menjangan Dive Sites

Menjangan Island is part of the Bali Barat National Park near the town of Permutaran.  The waters are clear and calm with a rich variety of fish. For those who love wall diving, the dive sites around Menjangan Island are a must. The walls descend to varying depths and offer an abundance of Gorgonian fans and colourful reef. Fringing the island are shallow reefs with beautiful corals – both divers and snorkellers will love it here.

Padang Bai Gili Tepekong Bali

Candidasa Dive Sites

The main dive sites in Candidasa are three small rocks that lie just off the shore. These sites offer  good chances to see large pelagics such as, manta rays, reef sharks and sunfish,(Mola Mola) when in season. Candidasa area is surrounded by remarkably healthy reefs with a great diversity of marine life and an abundance of schooling fish.

Puri Jati Dive Site

Puri Jati Dive Sites

Puri Jati is one of the best “muck dives” in Bali. It’s famous for its weird and wonderful variety of critters. The most famous of which is the resident mimic octopus, the master of disguise. Photographers from all over the world come to dive Puri Jati in search this amazing animal along with many other incredible animals.