7 reason to join as a snorkeller!


Fascinated by the ocean and everything it has to offer, but not (yet) into scuba diving? Worry not, non-divers can explore the ocean too, all you need is a mask, a snorkel and a pair of fins – ready to go snorkelling! 

Snorkelling is a fun way to observe and experience marine life encounters up close, and anyone can do it. 

Bali and the Nusa Islands are surrounded by amazing corals and marine life, which can easily be observed while snorkelling. Snorkelling Bali offers a fantastic opportunity for a close-up encounter with many tropical fish, corals, shipwrecks, turtles and even the majestic Manta Rays. 

Love snorkelling? Or maybe it will be your first time? We would love to take you for an unforgettable snorkel experience while on your holiday in Bali.

             All 4 Diving Indonesia offers daily snorkelling trips to the best spots around Bali. Our snorkelling groups are small, and each group will be assigned a guide. We have gathered seven useful tips for you to read before you’re going snorkelling. 

Seven useful tips for snorkelers

#1: Get familiar with the equipment 

To get the most out of your snorkelling experience, it is important to get familiar with the equipment you will be using. Our snorkel guides will guide you on how to fit the mask, clear the snorkel and make the most efficient kicking cycles with your fins. 

#2: Stay close to your guide 

While in the water, it is highly recommended to stay close to your guide and your buddies. Firstly as your guide can point out some of the cool marine life for you! But secondly, it also makes getting back to shore/the boat easier when you stay together as a group as you can help each other, and it also minimises the need for “shouting” to each other when communicating.  

#3: Follow directions

Your guide will give you a briefing about the snorkelling site before entering the water. The briefing will include instructions on how to enter and exit and other safety procedures as well as guidelines for marine life interactions. Listen closely, and follow any directions your guide may give you. 

#4: Relax – breathe! 

The most important thing is to relax, breathe and enjoy your snorkelling experience! It becomes much more enjoyable if you’re relaxed and can maintain a normal breathing rhythm. 

#5: Use life vest, noodles, life ring etc

While snorkelling, you will be provided with a wetsuit (helps to minimise sunburn, and this also adds a bit of buoyancy to float easier on the surface). If you need any other swimming/floating equipment, we have life vests, swimming noodles and life rings available. Your guide will always be swimming with a life ring or swimming noodle, should you need a rest during your snorkelling experience.

#6: Take it easy – talk to your guide before getting in the water

It is not only important to listen to your guide’s briefing, it is also important you talk to your guide if you have any questions or concerns. It’s way easier discussing these things on the surface than once in the water. During the briefing, your guide will also go over simple ways to communicate while snorkelling (hand signals). 

#7: Preserve our ocean and our planet 

All life on earth depends upon our oceans, so let’s all take part in preserving it. Do not throw any rubbish into the ocean, and if you encounter any while snorkelling, pick it up, and we will dispose of it for you. Take nothing but photos and memories from the ocean, as every little bit are a part of the ocean’s ecosystem. Be mindful of choosing your sunscreen, we have environmentally friendly sunscreen lotion for sale in the shop, which doesn’t harm our corals and marine life whilst protecting your skin. 

Join us for a snorkelling trip to see the amazing underwater life Bali has to offer! We provide a snorkel guide and small groups to add to extra fun and safety.

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