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First introduced in 2006 the Surface Marker WDS is being used by thousands of Dive Instructors and Dive Professionals all over the world. The Open Ended Surface Marker buoy used in combination with the Webbing Deployment System  (WDS) is a compact & easy to use solution for sending up a Surface Marker Buoy during your Safety Stop.

The WDS consists of 5.5m (18ft) long and 2cm (6/8?) wide red and white Surface Marker Webbing with a large 316 Stainless Steel ring at one end for deployment handling. At the other end is a Marine Brass Snap Hook for attaching to the Surface Marker Buoy.
The WDS is also equipped with a elastic cord retainer that makes deployment of the buoy simple and tangle free.

Product Description


  • The WDS eliminates the need to carry a dedicated reel or spool.
  • The Open-Ended Buoy has the advantage that it is more compact than Self-Sealing Buoys and can emptied quickly at the end of the dive for stowage.
  • Will  fit into almost any BCD pocket
  • The included Carry Pouch can be used for external  BCD attachment. Compact enough to take  on every dive.
  • Ideal for your diving holiday when weight and space are of the essence.
  • Made from durable 210D Nylon with welded  seams and stitched edge  tape to prevent fraying.

Colors: Orange-Yellow
 With both an orange and a yellow panel this is by far the most visible combination for the recreational diver.

  • The orange panel is more visible in bright sunlight and significant glare.
  • While the yellow panel will prove its worth as light deteriorates or the clouds move in.

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